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D-5 in Tokyo | Tokyo Disneyland

We spent the whole day there after spending the whole yesterday in Odaiba. I was tired at this point, since it’s like we didn’t stop moving for the entire 4 days before this. Midnight flight, reaching the hotel, then Universal Studios, Dotonbori, Osaka Castle then Dotonbori again. Next day, Kyoto and back to Osaka, then an overnight bus heading to Tokyo. Once we were at Tokyo, we went to Odaiba for the whole day.

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Historical Manila | Intramuros

So I was cleaning up my folders, and I stumbled upon pictures I took 2 years ago when I visited Intramuros with my Mom, Aunt and cousin. Thought I’d share this, cause honestly, despite the state the Philippines,  I still think it’s a beautiful country because of it’s history, and it’s just a matter of us Filipinos taking care of it.

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D-4 in Tokyo | Gundam’s Last Stand

As you know, I’m a Gundam Fan, and since I’ve been to Japan (rhyme intended), you know your boy just has to go there, especially since they closed down on March 5. I was there the day before. I was in complete awe and I couldn’t stand still. I went from different areas to photograph, circling around the Gundam.

Without further ado, here are hi-res, unedited pictures of RX-78-2 Gundam.

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D7-8 Tokyo | Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku

Overwhelming. Oh well, when you’re in Japan, forget everything you knew before.

I got to meet Hachiko and cross the Shibuya Crossroad and it was awesome just to see people crossing in every direction. Then we ate at UOBEI Genki Sushi, which was very cheap for a fresh sushi experience!

It just really sucks since I would have liked to go around more. I wanted to thrift shop, but I couldn’t find any. I didn’t also know that there was a Mandarake store in Shibuya, which I really regretted not going back to.

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D-6 Tokyo | Akihabara is Heaven!

Photo from Wikipedia

WARNING: Only view if you’re 18 above and does not mind perverted stuff.

This post will be more about experience rather than the pictures. Most shops in Akihabara request that you do not take pictures inside of the store. (Also, I was in a trance that time so I forgot to take pics.) So to make up for that, I’ll be borrowing pictures from various websites to portray what I saw. But I will be including pics from my own.

I’ll start off my Tokyo posts on an 18-rated thread, Akihabara! The land where Otakus roam free from prejudice! I was sincerely in awe by the sheer atmosphere of Akihabara. Colorful Buildings, Anime Characters plastered almost everywhere, Maid Cafes and ‘other’ stuff. Unfortunately, due to my forgetfulness I forgot to take notes on where I should go, and because of that, I ended up visiting just 1/4 of my planned areas.

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