Japanese Streetwear Inspo | Style Tips

Japanese Streetwear, ever since my trip to Japan, has been on my radar. The way they incorporate style into their lives is simply too nice to not notice. It’s either 0, or 100.

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Women’s Streetwear Inspo | Style Tips

I think it’s been a while since I did a fashion post. And I thought I lack content for the women’s section, so I scoured my folders and r/Streetwear for some cool outfits.

The theme of this post is casual streetwear, so they’re geared towards the boyish hip-hop street culture and style. As much as possible, I won’t include the basic items such as your Converse All-Stars, skinny jeans with a plain logo shirt/crop top, but it could be something you could easily pull off in a tropical weather country like the Philippines.

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