PotatoChips’ Gunpla | GBF Kits

Since I am a lover of Gunpla, GBF is basically the heaven for collectors like me. We get to see our favorite suits animated once again and in a better manner this time, and to some degree, a better storyline. We all have that kid in us that just aspires to be the best in what he or she loves, and that’s what Gundam Build Fighters is.

It reactivates that giddy child in me that just wants to laugh and cheer loud while watching an anime.

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PotatoChips’ Manga Collection

The header picture is…
Not mine.

Though I do have some similarity to that person’s collection. I think I almost have the same amount of Negima! Magister Negi Magi! volumes she has.

I think it has been a long time since I did something anime-related, so I thought of uploading and showing you guys my manga collection! Now now, I get what you’re thinking. “Why don’t you just read online?”, I really feel that there’s a difference when you have the book itself instead of staring at a scanned image online, plus it makes me feel that I am also supporting the manga industry and the writer itself. So, there you have it.

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PotatoChips’ Gunpla | IBO Kits

I like Gundam. You guys all know that. So I thought I’d share with you too my Gunpla kits. I have been collecting in a friendly manner since 2008, but have been buying kits earlier. Since I was a kid, and you know kids, they like to play without regards.

In this post, it will only contain kits of Iron Blooded Orphans season 1 and 2. I haven’t built anything that requires major painting or modding with this line. It would be very easy for newcomes to follow along with HGIBO, since they’re really easy to build and fun to pose. I could probably build the whole inner frame now without a manual.

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D-6 Tokyo | Akihabara is Heaven!

Photo from Wikipedia

WARNING: Only view if you’re 18 above and does not mind perverted stuff.

This post will be more about experience rather than the pictures. Most shops in Akihabara request that you do not take pictures inside of the store. (Also, I was in a trance that time so I forgot to take pics.) So to make up for that, I’ll be borrowing pictures from various websites to portray what I saw. But I will be including pics from my own.

I’ll start off my Tokyo posts on an 18-rated thread, Akihabara! The land where Otakus roam free from prejudice! I was sincerely in awe by the sheer atmosphere of Akihabara. Colorful Buildings, Anime Characters plastered almost everywhere, Maid Cafes and ‘other’ stuff. Unfortunately, due to my forgetfulness I forgot to take notes on where I should go, and because of that, I ended up visiting just 1/4 of my planned areas.

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