Spider-Man Homecoming | Easter Eggs (Spoilers)

Like I said, I’ll do an Easter Egg post, and here it is!

To start things off, I literally took notes on my phone while watching the movie, so some of it might be a little blurry to visualize or comprehend. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best at explaining MY Easter Eggs, despite my minimal knowledge about the whole lore.

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#SpidermanHomecoming | Trailers


I’ve been a really big fan of Spider-Man when I was a kid. I saw every cinematic movie, tried to buy pirated copies of the cartoon on Quiapo, even going on Halloween as Spidey! Though the passion has died down over the adolescent years, it hasn’t come into a full stop. And now, with Spider-Man officially coming home (overused pun, sorry), it’s time to bring out your money and let Spidey take it!

I’ll leave my speculations down below, so proceed at your own risk!

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