Life of a NEET | KUSO GAKI Launch

Hey guys. I’ll cut the bullshit.

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『My Senpai is an Otaku?!』

Nice to meet you! I’m Rui Yamazaki, 23 years young and beautiful! Well, that latter part is for you to examine for yourself. Don’t really care. I had a good education, recently graduated and now I’m working at a Lingerie Designing Company. I was really nervous at first, but I am to make the best lingerie ever!

Long story short, I’m demotivated, and this work is unfinished. Not even the slightest bit of action or sensible story.

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『Clown of The Broken』

Photo from Wikipedia

“I’m 21. I’m young yet I’m a failure. Hikikomori. Stopped school. I haven’t seen my friends for quite a while too. Wonder how they’re doing with their work? Oh yeah, my friend’s daughter’s birthday is coming up. I’m probably gonna be toxic cause I have no one to talk to. The squad’s not going too. Better not go then. Sorry, friend C.

On the other hand, how did it turn out this way? I’ve grown quite introverted and shy around everyone. Meanwhile, Karin nee-chan is just a couple of years older than me, and she’s in a good school and an existing social circle. Man, we’re total opposites.”

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Life of a NEET | My questions to our society

I’ve been meaning to get this out of my chest for a long while now. I’m warning you as well, since this might get political and very critical. I advise you to calm down and approach this with an objective mind. Plus, it’s just a hypocritical hikikomori thinking about what he sees and hears from the everyday media. I haven’t fully and experienced it in person myself and I hope not to.

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