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BIGBANG’s TOP Hospitalized | #StayStrongTOP

On the 6th, an official at YG Entertainment told Dong-a, “T.O.P is currently under treatment at an emergency room in an ICU for drug overdose”. He continued, “His mother is currently guarding the hospital”.

“During the morning, he was awakened and had opened his eyes, but went back to sleep. At 12 PM, he was found sweating unconsciously and was then taken to the hospital. Some reports say that he was helped, not carried, and was placed in the ICU for restricting journalists.”

“Some are saying T.O.P is awake, but he’s still unconscious in the ICU. The situation is being monitored, and he’s receiving treatment.” The insider also revealed, “Even if he does regain consciousness, his mother has a lot to worry about. They’re worried about brain damage as he was deprived of oxygen in the beginning. They’d rather avoid reporters during this difficult time.”

“He’s expected to wake up after 1-2 days when the medicine wears off.”

Courtesy of Multiple Sources

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