How to | Saint Laurent Paris (SLP)

Have you ever wondered, I look skinny as fuck in these clothes?

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How to Wear | Color

One thing I haven’t seen much in the Filipino street fashion scene is proper application of color. Saturated Hot Pinks on Dark acid wash denim, or Yellow shirts on red pants. Colors would be a make or break for an outfit. It’s something that gives your look character, and may reflect your personality as well.

What do I mean by color? Those are your saturated, NON-neutral colored clothing. Your reds, oranges, yellows, blues and more. At first glance, you’d say it’s not that hard to pull off. But once you see how everything flows, you may correct yourself. Now what’s the best way to use colors?

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How to Wear | Plaid/Checkered

I’ve observed that a lot of people generally don’t wear plaid in the Philippines. Well there are some, but I don’t think it brings the best out of the pattern.

Now, why don’t people wear plaid, but wear other types of pattern? I think the number one thing with regards to that is because of the pattern itself. It’s loud in it’s own way, plus a wrong combination of colors would leave you looking like a cover for your grandma’s sofa.

Here are some tips I thought of when you wanna wear plaid, and what you should avoid doing with it.

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