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Top 7: Funniest | #Happy7YearsRunningMan

Note: This was supposed to be posted two weeks ago, but with my internet being down, I wasn’t able to. So I just made changes.

We’re back with the 3rd Top 7 of Running Man, and this time, I’ll be listing the funniest episodes. Watch any of these episodes I’ll list below and I’ll guarantee that your cheeks and stomach will be hurting all the time while watching.

These episodes vary in comedy style; meaning that they won’t be just restricted to slapstick or anything of the like. As long as I had a good laugh out of it, I’ll put it here.

On to the list, shall we? Continue reading “Top 7: Funniest | #Happy7YearsRunningMan”


I’m back from the dead.


Just joking KEK

Anyway, I’ve lost my internet possibly due to the storm and it continued for 2 weeks. The ISP came in today and fixed the lines, so I’m finally back!

I’d like to give myself a spank in the butt for surviving 2 weeks without internet (tho I did try to go online as soon as I found free wifi lmao), but I did mostly stay at home watching anime that I’ve burned on a CD before.

I did go outside with my friend though, just at the very start of the internet loss. Did some shopping, bought new clothes and a new manga volume which is for another post.

Anyway, I’m really happy to be back alive from that but I’m about to die from fatigue from watching 20+ episodes of anime that I’ve missed in the past 2 weeks. Plus my Korean Variety Shows and the new WINNER and Girls Generation MVs…

GGWP RIP Bandwidth…