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Houston has traded for Chris Paul, and the LA Clippers have acquired Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a 2018 First Round Pick (Top 3 Protected). With seemingly no notable damage, the Rockets have acquired firepower enough to compete on supremacy with the Golden State Warriors out in the West.

Meanwhile, I totally did not see it coming, Paul George has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. What’s even more surprising is that if ever PG leaves, it opens up cap space for OKC, and no draft picks were involved in the transaction.

At the wake of the blockbuster trade that is the Chris Paul moving to Houston, as well as Paul George, I’ve been running simulations back and forth at NBA 2K17, trying to come up with quality trade and signing ideas that would be a good to great benefit for all teams involved in the transaction.

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2017 Official NBA Draft | Grades and Analysis


2017 NBA Draft results:

1. Philadelphia 76ers (from Nets via Celtics):  Markelle Fultz, Washington
No surprise here. The 76ers have made it known to trust the process, and trust the process they will.

Grade: A+

2. Los Angeles Lakers:  Lonzo Ball, UCLA
With the D’Angelo Russell Trade, it cemented the fact that the Lakers did lock on to Lonzo Ball, despite his dad being a loud mouth. Let’s hope he pans out.

Grade: A+

3. Boston Celtics (from Kings via 76ers):  Jayson Tatum, Duke
A surprise pick, but for the Celtics, not really. They need the scoring punch Jayson Tatum offers rather than upside from either Josh Jackson or Jonathan Isaac. But there’s a possibility that he could still be traded for a superstar.

Grade: A-

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NBA 2017 Mock Draft 5.0 Pt. 2

UPDATE: I have seen the news reporting that the 76ers have obtained the #1 pick from the Boston Celtics, who now picks 3rd overall and another Conditional Future 1st round pick from Philadelphia. The 76ers are expected to take Markelle Fultz as #1.

This honestly throws this mock draft off… I won’t be finishing it anymore, but I’ll let you see the comparisons I made.

Continuing where we left off…

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2017 NBA Mock Draft 5.0 (With Trades) Pt. I

With barely a week left, this is probably my final mock draft for this class, barring that there aren’t any major news such as promises to players, or the prospect not working out with a team. In this edition, I also included trades, which is honestly not my strong point considering I don’t know much about the rules and under the public eye conditions that NBA GMs put on.

With that said, I’ll put my analysis for EVERY team this time plus a prospect’s ceiling/floor. Did more studying with current rosters and the draft prospects. Looking at what the media says on their stocks/value. Without further ado, my final mock draft!

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Draft Prospects for OKC Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder has always been high on drafting and developing their own players and have been successful. Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Reggie Jackson, Steve Adams, Andre Roberson.

Sure, there have been failures, but Sam Presti has mostly been on point. I’ve been an OKC Supporter since 2011, and every draft I’d try to pick Sam’s brain. Here are the results.

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