J.A.M.: LeeSsang

I can’t believe I forgot to introduce this duo.

LeeSsang (리쌍) is a South Korean Hip-Hop Duo (formerly) that consisted of Gary and Gil. Of course, that’s the Gary of Running Man, and Gil of Infinite Challenge. Like new watchers, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Kang Gary a.k.a. Random Mr. Capable or Go-Straight-Gary was actually a hardcore, well-established Korean Rapper. I viewed Gil in the same sight as well, and while I haven’t seen their past performances or their reputation on the Korean Scene, music moves people and they moved me.


  • Gary – Born Kang Hee Gun, the main lyricist of the group and also embarks on a solo career.
  • Gil – Born Gil Seong Joon, the duo’s composer and frequent vocal hitter. He has also recently released his solo work.

Like most of us newbies, the first song I’ve heard from LeeSsang was The Woman Who Can’t Breakup, The Man Who Can’t Leave, and is seemingly the anthem for Running Man’s Gary and Ji Hyo Love line, Monday Couple. Such BGMs used in Running Man introduced me to the group, like Let’s Meet Now and For Me, The Answer is You.

While they might not be flashy as other South Korean Hip-Hop musicians, what made them special was their ability to compose and write very meaningful and intimate lyrics that came from experiences. One of my dark horse favorites are Remembrance ft. Baek Ji Young from the Vol 7. Asura Balbalta album and Champion from Vol. 5 Ya Never Chord.

It speaks of life, as Kang Gary enumerates his life experiences at Remembrance, how he felt sorry to his mother, how he felt when they succeeded, and more. Champion was even more heartbreaking, as he expresses his regret and sorrow to the news of their friend Yo Sam Choi, who died after winning his boxing title as soon as the match was over.

Anyway, I’ll be linking down below my Top LeeSsang songs as a Youtube Playlist, I hope you enjoy!



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