Top 7: Funniest | #Happy7YearsRunningMan

Note: This was supposed to be posted two weeks ago, but with my internet being down, I wasn’t able to. So I just made changes.

We’re back with the 3rd Top 7 of Running Man, and this time, I’ll be listing the funniest episodes. Watch any of these episodes I’ll list below and I’ll guarantee that your cheeks and stomach will be hurting all the time while watching.

These episodes vary in comedy style; meaning that they won’t be just restricted to slapstick or anything of the like. As long as I had a good laugh out of it, I’ll put it here.

On to the list, shall we?

7. 7th Anniversary Special Pt. II (EP 361)


Slapstick and unluckiness never fail to disappoint. I was laughing my ass off the whole time! Kwang Soo-ya!! Buy a sturdy belt!!!! HAHAHA!

6. Beauty and The Beast I (EP 49)

Kwang Soo, Kwang Soo, Kwang Soo… Poor guy…

5. Part-Time Workers (EP 205)

The First game was everything from slapstick to unintended comedy, although the final mission was rather lacking.

4.Members Week: Kang Gary (EP 336)

Need I say more?

3. Unanimity Race

That looks painful af.

2. Zombie Outbreak (EP 277)

Despite the childish theme of the episode and the way they seemingly ‘fear’ these ‘zombies’, the thrill and the comedy is there, as they’re still really scared of being chased by them and even just encountering the said infected people.

1. Running Man Invades Kwang Soo’s House (EP 247)

Once a maknae, always a maknae.


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