Pick-ups #4 | Sale Splurge

Unexpected Splurge. But not with my money, heh.

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  • Gildan Plain Shirt Gray
  • Gildan Plain Shirt Black
  • H&M Box Fit Shirt
  • H&M Band Shirt
  • H&M Jinbei
  • H&M Plaid Trousers
  • Thrifted Track Pants
  • ToraDora Vol. 7

H&M had the end of the month sale, so I was looking for something cheap. And then my mom grabs different pieces and I ended up buying 4 items. Also including the unmentioned pickups of two plain Gildan Shirts (for KUSO GAKI experimental purposes) and that thrifted and tapered-on-my-own track pants.

Finally, I had to grab Volume #7 of ToraDora as soon as I spotted it on a second-hand bookstore.

Hopefully I manage to muster up some courage to post what I paired them up with, or how the clothes look on me. I guess that’s it for today, bye!


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