I’m back from the dead.


Just joking KEK

Anyway, I’ve lost my internet possibly due to the storm and it continued for 2 weeks. The ISP came in today and fixed the lines, so I’m finally back!

I’d like to give myself a spank in the butt for surviving 2 weeks without internet (tho I did try to go online as soon as I found free wifi lmao), but I did mostly stay at home watching anime that I’ve burned on a CD before.

I did go outside with my friend though, just at the very start of the internet loss. Did some shopping, bought new clothes and a new manga volume which is for another post.

Anyway, I’m really happy to be back alive from that but I’m about to die from fatigue from watching 20+ episodes of anime that I’ve missed in the past 2 weeks. Plus my Korean Variety Shows and the new WINNER and Girls Generation MVs…

GGWP RIP Bandwidth…


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