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So everything that makes me whole, ima kimi ni sasageyo~ I’m Yours.

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The Definitive Guide for Gaijin Otakus to Akihabara

Photo from Wikipedia

Welcome back, my fellow weaboos. Today, through compiling information, youtube vlogs and my actual experience, I bring you the definitive guide to enjoying Akihabara while conserving energy! *Insert Oreki Houtaro here*

Okay, not really definitive. Just my two cents.

It’s pretty easy to get lost physically and mentally in Akihabara, so I thought I’d create a guide. The best way for me to enjoy Akiba is to head there alone, or if you’re with friends, make sure they’re really, really, really ready for what y’all may stumble upon on, and have similar tastes as you, and never with family.

As much as possible, I’d split these into categories based on what they sell, so that you could make your own guide.

UPDATE: I saw this helpful, more concise link.

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