BIGBANG’s TOP Hospitalized | #StayStrongTOP

On the 6th, an official at YG Entertainment told Dong-a, “T.O.P is currently under treatment at an emergency room in an ICU for drug overdose”. He continued, “His mother is currently guarding the hospital”.

“During the morning, he was awakened and had opened his eyes, but went back to sleep. At 12 PM, he was found sweating unconsciously and was then taken to the hospital. Some reports say that he was helped, not carried, and was placed in the ICU for restricting journalists.”

“Some are saying T.O.P is awake, but he’s still unconscious in the ICU. The situation is being monitored, and he’s receiving treatment.” The insider also revealed, “Even if he does regain consciousness, his mother has a lot to worry about. They’re worried about brain damage as he was deprived of oxygen in the beginning. They’d rather avoid reporters during this difficult time.”

“He’s expected to wake up after 1-2 days when the medicine wears off.”

Courtesy of Multiple Sources

This occurred yesterday, but I didn’t have the mental and physical strength to write because I was so broken upon hearing the news. These people- No, these hyenas just keep on packing and puncturing every chance they have to criminalize and say the heaviest of things on a person who simply smoked a joint. Cannabis is still a stigma around the world and people refuse to believe that it is the person, not the drug, who can be the root of something. They fail to look at the character and focus solely on the drug taken.

I’m not justifying what he did. He smoked the substance on a country that has banned Marijuana. But to treat him like how people scrutinize a murderer, saying he needs to get jailed or he needs to die, is just blatantly childish and sickening. It’s public shaming and bullying. This man hasn’t touched anybody! While we have no official word from him on why he has used cannabis, one could easily point it out as a stress reliever for a guy like him who is always under the spotlight.

These stars and idols of ours have been living their life to be seen by others. They don’t have time for themselves anymore, and when they do have PRIVATE time, we still invade that space. I thought that it would be like GD’s situation, which made him sit out for like, half a year to reflect on his actions. And I’m frustrated that it happened again, on a larger magnitude this time.

We all know how they continuously said that TOP is the most emotionally sensitive member in BIGBANG. I even uncovered some reports in 2008 that this man already tried to kill himself. We have yet to confirm the allegedly nerve stabilizer overdose, how and why did it happen, but it’s easy to think that the pressure was too immense for him that he may have thought about just ending it all right there.

As someone who’s struggling to deal with his own mind, it’s so heartbreaking to see one of your role models get criticized and shamed. Day by day, it’s a difficult battle to engage. And seeing it end up like this, it just took away every strength and motivation I had for the rest of the night that I simply and surprisingly took an early sleep. I’ve lost respect again for the high-horsed people because they did this to him.



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